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Are you a student preparing for the Cambridge International AS & A-level exam for Physics?

Doing topical past year papers has been a time-tested method to scoring well in the subject that can be attested by any A-level student. It helps students to check and solidify their understanding on a particular topic while at the same time practicing exam format questions.  

Below, you will find downloadable topical past year questions for the CAIE Physics 9702 exams:

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A common problem faced by students is the lack of detailed worked solutions for the past years when they attempt the questions. As part of my regular teaching, I've produced written worked solutions to help my students understand and learn as they work through the questions.

Have a look at the sample worked solutions here.

For a nominal subscription fee, you will gain access to the worked solutions for the all the past year papers, ranging from June 2011 to November 2023. (Subscribe to a free 3-days trial here)

These papers are uploaded into GoogleDrive for online viewing only.

* May/June 2022 AS papers update in-progress

* Oct/Nov 2023 AS & A2 papers update in-progress

* No downloads or printing will be enabled*

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